Painting and sculpturing is my guidance to life. It’s a way of living and being.

In my work, I try experience, emotion and my admiration attn man in relation to ... imagining. I find inspiration in ancient cultures, early Cycladic art and during my travels.

Sins 2005 I am working a part of the year on Paros. One of the Greek Cyclade Islands.I am facinated by the marble from Paros, lychnitis, the marble wich the old Greek used fort their sculptures.

I search for the stones myself in an old mine, riverbed or during my walks.

I sculpt in the tradition of the ancient Greeks with hammer, pointed, toothed and flat chisel.  fFrst I peel the stone, cut away all the bad pieces and stay with a basi shape.  Then start searching for a line or shape. for a line.An exciting stage because I still don’t know where it’s going at. I work intuitively, later in the procees I use my imagination and craftmanship.

In my painting is the white face the challenge ...